The Association of Sri Lankan Neurologists invites applications for free papers to be presented during the 13th Annual Congress scheduled from 15 - 17 November 2019 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Both oral and poster presentation categories are available. The authors may state their preference regarding mode of presentation, but the final decision on this will be with the Scientific Committee.


Preparing the abstract

The abstract should follow the following structure:


The title of the abstract – should be brief but adequately descriptive. Lower case letters should be used except at the beginning of the title and unless indicated.

Author’s surname should be given only as surnames followed by the initial(s). Prefixes such as Mr, Dr or Professor should not be mentioned. The names of all authors and the places of work (one place of affiliation per person only) should be entered in the cage provided in the web portal.

The text of the abstractshould not exceed 300 words. Please use font type – Times New Roman size 12.

The author/s should take full public responsibility for the research work and the contents reported in the abstract.
If the work has been previously presented or published, in whole or in part, this should be stated clearly in the cage provided in web portal or form. This does not disqualify a paper but must be stated when submitting the paper.

Ethical approval – it is assumed that prior ethical approval would have been obtained for interventional studies and a copy of ethical approval should be submitted where relevant.

Submitting the abstract

Abstracts should be submitted online through the abstract submission web portal in the website
Please note that there is no facility to submit hard copies directly to the ASN office.
The language of the submission should be set to English (UK).

Submitting the abstract using the web portal - 15th September

Once all the required information is entered in the relevant cages you could submit online
Informing the authors
Abstracts not conforming to the above instructions will be rejected.
The Association of Sri Lankan Neurologists reserves the right to allocate selected free papers to either oral or poster presentations.
The corresponding author of each successful paper provisionally selected will be informed by email during the month of October 2019. Please note that NO amendments to the submitted abstract (including the number of authors) would be entertained thereafter.

Registering for the 13th Annual Academic Sessions of the ASN

The presenting author of the selected papers must register before 10th October, 2019 for the 13th Annual Congress of the ASN prior to the paper being finally accepted for presentation. Local registrants please contact the ASN office (Email:

Preparing the poster

The poster presentatio guidelines will be sent to the Corresponding authors of chosen abstracts.

Preparing the oral presentation

Each oral presentation will be allowed 8 minutes for their powerpoint presentation and 2 minutes for discussion. Multimedia facilities will be made available.

Abstract book

Accepted abstracts will be published in the book of abstracts.
The Association of Sri Lankan Neurologists reserves the right to make alterations and to edit the title and / or the text to improve the quality.
Inability to present a paper accepted for presentation should be communicated by email to the Association of Sri Lankan Neurologists office (Email: by 5th November 2019. Failure to present an accepted paper at the 13th Annual Congress of the ASN – 2019 sessions will be considered an episode of academic and scientific misconduct.

For further details please contact:

Honorary Secretaries
Association of Sri Lankan Neurologists

Abstract submission closed